Clubhouse for Android Beta Finally Announced



Notion Released News Of Clubhouse Android Beta Testing

Clubhouse has become a popular audio social networking app that’s made waves with its iOS members. The lack of an Android application has caused frustration among those who are eagerly awaiting it, which is why Notion has been hard at work to produce one. And now, it appears that they’re finally ready with beta testing.

The news combines with a list of features that testers can expect on their journey. For instance, new visitors to your room will receive automatic prompts to follow it. Notion has also been making sure that no one can abuse the functions. 

Clubhouse for Android Beta Finally Announced

Since the Clubhouse Android app is a rough beta version, you can expect some glitches when you begin testing it. Notion has been developing the VoiceOver support, as there have been some noted issues. There’s even a ‘double-tap’ gesture you can try now to announce the current speaker.

There will be plenty of engaging features that match the iOS version, but it’ll be interesting to see if it brings anything new to the table. One setup we’re excited about is that members of your room will be able to see any upcoming events. For those running private gaming competitions, such as Call of Duty: Warzone, this function can be quite handy.

Clubhouse for Android Beta Finally Announced

There’s no indication of a roll-out or official launch timeline, but Notion is keen to keep everyone informed. We’re sure to see more Clubhouse updates as the beta progresses.

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